ALDRICK CHU FONG MD., R.Ph., born in Trinidad, received his Medical Degree from St.George's University in the West Indies and his Pharmacy Degree from St. John's University in New York. He did his Residency in Internal Medicine and became Chief Resident at The Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. While there, he completed Fellowships in Hematology and Oncology.

Dr. Chu Fong believes in and practices an integrated approach to degenerative diseases, utilizing the best of both "worlds" in controlling any disease. After many learning experiences from "Alternative" practitioners, he came upon the work of Dr. Revici.

Dr. Revici pioneered the treatment of human cancer with therapeutic agents transported by lipids to abnormal sites in the body. He also pioneered in guiding indivdual treatments, adjusting them to the requirements of each patient, and to the changes in the pathological condition to its response.

Currently, Dr. Chu Fong is the Founder/Director of East/West Synergy Medicine Clinic located in Brooklyn, New York. In his practice he uses an integrative approach to cancer including Chemotherapy and/or Radiation together with Detoxification, Nutrition, Aromatherapy and other techniques to help manage the diseases.

He works in close association with Bruce Berkowsky, N.D., M.H., HMC (Nature Doctor, Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine) and works through his Natural Health Science System. Dr. Berowsky is the Chief Advisor on a book called "21st Century Self-Care" (to be published in the Fall of 2000) which describes over 80 common disease conditions and provides in-depth natural medicine approaches to treatment.

Dr. Chu Fong will speak on Dr. Revici's Non-Toxic Cancer Therapy.


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